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Your life story
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Frequently Asked Questions

Without Caroline’s help we would never have completed our story. We are most indebted to her for sorting us out and guiding us through.

Is my story interesting enough?

Everyone has a story and I’m very good at helping people to tell theirs well. My parents viewed themselves as ordinary people but how I wish I knew more about their early lives. As someone who grew up in the 1960s, I'm surprised to see the BBC describing shows set in this time as "period dramas" and I realise that, to my daughters, this is history and they’re fascinated by it. 


How long does it take?

Projects usually take between four and six months but in exceptional circumstances I have pulled out all the stops to turn things round faster.


I’m worried I won’t remember dates and I’ll keep jumping ahead when I try to tell my story.

My job is to prompt your memories and keep you on track. I’m very good at putting the jigsaw together. We’re writing your story, not a report, so things don’t always have to be exact.


I’m not sure what kind of book I want.

The first thing is to get the words written. After that you can decide on the kind of book. But we always start with a budget and I won’t go over that.


What happens if we go over the word limit?

This won’t happen without your agreement beforehand. Extra words are charged in proportion.


Can I pay in instalments?

Yes. See here: What the books cost and when to pay


What if I cancel?

You’ll pay only for the amount of work done up to that point.


How far can you travel for interviews?

Up to 1½ hours if we work together face to face over several weeks.
Up to 2½ hours if I stay overnight nearby.
If you're further away than that we can work by phone or video call. What the books cost


What about libel?

I’d be in trouble if we libelled anyone so I always err on the side of caution.


There are some parts of my story I’d like to leave out.

Yes, me too when I finally write my own! This is your story told the way you want it.


There are some sad or difficult parts which I want to include but don’t know how best to do it.

You’re not the first. We’ll discuss how these sections will be handled.


What if I’m no good at spelling and grammar?

That’s what you’re paying me for.


Can I sell my book?

Yes but you should see your memoir as an investment rather than a money-making venture. I’m not a bookseller or promoter but can offer advice.


What if I want more books?

You can order more copies either on the first print run or direct from the printer in the future.


Can you write about a husband and wife in one book?

Yes, I’ve done this several times.

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